Holistic Therapy FAQ sheet
Dos and don’ts
Do drink plenty of water on the days running up to your treatment, this will help your body flush out toxins and you will feel greater benefits from the treatment afterwards.
Don’t eat directly before your massage, allow at least a couple of hours before it to aid digestion.
Do try to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to allow you time to relax so you are not rushing or feeling stressed, you will benefit more from your therapy, the more relaxed you feel.

Q: What to expect when you come for your first holistic therapy appointment?
A: The therapist will ask you to fill in a client consultation form to ascertain your health history, your contact information, your general needs for the therapy, your stress levels, your diet, your lifestyle, illnesses, allergies, if you are undergoing any surgery or are taking any medication.
(These questions are asked in case the therapy may conflict with your current illness or medical treatment, it is important to be honest with you therapist. A doctor’s letter may have to be provided to proceed with any therapies if you suffer from a particular illness or health problem, in which you are presently being treated for, the therapist will advise if this will be required before any holistic therapy takes place).
Your client consultation record is kept private and confidential between you and the therapist.

Q: What happens next?
A: The therapist will look over your consultation form and ask you questions about it, this is to ensure you will have a therapy session designed for your specific needs and goals, and to know which areas to avoid and which would need more attention.

Q: What to expect in your first therapy?
Before the treatment begins, you will be offered a glass of water and use of the bathroom.
A: You will be shown into the therapy room, a comfortable room with relaxing music played (this is entirely optional as not everyone likes to listen to music during their treatment), the therapist will allow you time to undress, keeping on your underwear bottoms, if you have a problem with being undressed the therapist will discuss other options for you. You will then be asked to lie on the table on your back or on your stomach, depending on the therapy you are having. You will lie under the towels or blankets that are provided. The therapist will knock before coming into the room and ask if you are comfortable and ask you to take a few deep breaths to help you to relax your mind and body before the therapy begins. The therapist will begin the treatment, normally by applying oil to the area being worked. You relax and unwind until the therapy is complete. It is okay to talk, however it is more beneficial for you to relax during your treatment.

Q: What happens after the treatment?
A: The therapist will gently let you know that the treatment is complete and allow you time to come back into your awareness of your surroundings in the room. The therapist will allow you privacy to get dressed and bring you a glass of water.

Healing crisis/symptoms/signs
After the therapy the therapist will give you a glass of water and discuss some of the healing symptoms with you, which may happen over the next day or two, that are perfectly normal reactions after a massage therapy, not everyone experiences this, but the therapist will mention them to you so you are aware. Thirst, frequenting to the toilet, tiredness, feeling cold, light headache, or dizziness, these can be quite normal healing symptoms/signs that your body is removing toxins after the massage therapy.

Aftercare advice
The therapist will advise you to drink plenty of water and to avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine stimulants for at least 12-24 hours to aid full benefits of your treatment.
For best results allow yourself peace and quiet after your massage to enable full benefits of your treatment.
You will be advised to have a light meal after your massage as your body is in the healing and resting state so you may feel nauseous after a heavy meal.
Try to get plenty of rest after your treatment, have a nap and have an early night’s sleep. It will make the effects of your massage last longer.
Wrap up, feel cosy and relaxed after your treatment and put your feet up.
For maximum and long lasting health benefits, it is highly recommended to have regular holistic massage treatments.