About us

Tree of Organics is founded by Natalie Smith, she is a qualified Holistic Therapist, 3rd degree Reiki master, and author of upcoming book ‘CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 21 DAYS’

Her holistic journey began in 2005 after helping a friend with sciatica and she was told that she had healing hands. It was then that she decided to embark on the holistic therapies path.
She did her 3rd degree Reiki Master teacher training in 2007
The course took her on a beautiful journey and after working with Reiki on herself and others, she furthered her holistic education in complementary therapies. She became a fully qualified Holistic Therapist in 2009.
Natalie founded Tree of Organics with the desire to provide a bespoke holistic service that helps people to manage pain and stress more effectively.

The philosophy ‘branching out in health and well-being’ Tree of Organics takes into account all aspects of the person individually; mind, body and spirit, understanding that we are all unique, whereby each and everyone is made to feel special.
Another of her passions is nutrition, finding natural health remedies and sharing her appetising, healthy and easy to make vegan dishes and desserts (no meat, no dairy, gluten and sugar free).
Here is to the beginning of your journey in achieving a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

Best wishes
Natalie x